Sabandija is a Colombian family owned brand of leather goods founded by
Daniela Arango and Pablo Atuesta.
There’s an essence of elegance and romance at the core of SBJA and what began as a simple idea to design products that where not driven by seasonal trends or fashion, but instead where inspired by objects of soul and purpose.  We state with pride that every piece has a story and is designed and handcrafted in Colombia. We combine time honored handwork and machinery resulting in exceptional craftsmanship and quality.
All of our creations are made with full grain leather from grass fed cows, gold-plated fittings and a few subtle material twists that age and evolve throughout life’s journeys. Firmly based in the appreciation for classic craftsmanship, we create pieces devoted to aesthetic sustainability and modern-day usability.
In heritance, History, Nature, Horses, Travel and Family are words that
describe Sabandija not only as a brand but as a way of life.
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